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β€œCan your Team Execute Strategy?β€œ use our cognitive software to find the answer.

In your position as a Chairman, CEO, Business Leader, HR Professional, Consultant, Private Equity Professional or Entrepreneur, many times you will have to answer the single most important people question: Can the team Execute Strategy?

Our cognitive software supports you and your colleagues in taking that most important decision and show the likely hood the team will succeed.

IntelligentBoardRoom - cognitive software for the difficult conversations

The quality of a Leadership Team creates over 40% of the value of the strategy.

IntelligentBoardRoom has the Vision to create people debates that are Relevant to the strategy, Unbiased in the individual opinions and Focussed on the results. As an outcome, the people debate will be as crisp and as clear as any financial debate. A leadership team creates 40% of the value of any strategic initiative and its about time we give it the attention and analysis it deserves.


We know that executive time is precious. Therefore we build overview first and leave the details for later. This approach identifies the key risks that need to be debated. And when we discuss the details, IBR facilitates the use of your company specific people language through our fully adjustable assessment profiles. We know how important language is when taking decisions about people.


IBR works with two results. One is the Team Capability to execute strategy. Two is the Strategic Complexity we expect the team to deliver. This way the user can understand if the Team Capability can execute the Strategic Complexity. We talk about the stretch a team has available when executing strategy.

Hard Talk Sheet

Based on your analysis, IBR will feedback the suitability of each team member. We call this the Hard Talk Sheet. Understand why a team member is suggested to be replaced or retained. Debate the suggested decision on its merits before you draw your own conclusion.


IBR reports extensively on the team as well as the individual. Included is one of the strongest cognitive algorithms that calculates how far the team can progress in 12 months time. Reporting can be quite an individual preference. IBR offers multiple reporting possibilities.


IBR delivers a nine-box grid based on the scores for Performance and Potential. One of its many features is the capability to structure the 9 box grid to your own liking for language and axis titles.


The Dashboard gives all the work both summarised and detailed in one screen scroll. It is a beloved feature by many executives as it details the whole team review in a succinct format.


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