IntelligentBoardRoom has developed its first product range for users that want a fast, stand alone and pragmatic solution in order to answer the question: Can the Team execute Strategy? This solution is called IBR Team since the application deals with the core of any business: The Performance of a Team.


Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow

Decision makers like overview first and details later. This is exactly what IBR had in mind when we designed our Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow process. First flush out the key risks before discussing the details.

Your language matters

When discussing people every company has its own language. IBR ensures that you as user can input your own language where you need to. Assessment criteria, labels, information buttons and etc. can all be easilly changed by yourself.

Team Results

You want team results that are transparent and easy to understand. IBR gives you the team data in such a way that you can make your decisions on the spot.

Strategic Complexity

IBR has set up 5 boxes that allows the user to define the complexity of the strategy. It is key when making decisions about people that we set the correct benchmark. Only based on a benchmark for achievement can we make the relevant decisions.


Team Stretch

A unique feature of IBR is the comparison between the Team Capabilities and the Complexity of the Strategy the team has to deliver. Understand the stretch of the team and how the team will cope with a more challenging environment.

Individual Stretch

IBR drills down to the individual team member level in Hard Talk Sheet. Unbiased observations answering the question if the individual can contribute to the strategy or not. Replace or retain is up to you but IBR will give you unbiased advice.

Reporting growth along all dimensions

Reporting on the Team and the Individual Team Member is all about the Fit for Growth. Reports are transparent and succinct with an industry standard data export possibility as well.


For the one minute leader who can act on a glance, IBR has a one page scroll dashboard that creates the overview of the total team review. One glance and you know the team you are dealing with.